I get a large amount of email. If I responded to all of these messages I would have no time left for research, teaching and advising doctoral students. Before sending me a message, please check whether your inquiry may be addressed by one of the frequently-asked questions below. Paul Graham's email disclaimer applies.

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Ph.D. admissions
  • Research assistantships
  • Visiting researchers
  • Recommendation letters and references
  • Research internships for undergraduates
  • Career Advice

Scheduling appointments

Often my heart says yes, but my schedule says no.

To schedule an appointment , please send me an email message telling me what the meeting is about, how long you expect it to take, and any time constraints you have for scheduling a meeting. My default for those who want to "get coffee" is to say no at this point unfortunately. My schedule gets fairly full, so it's best to list constraints at least a couple of weeks out.

Ph.D. admissions

I get a lot of email about PhD admissions.

All the information you need on applying for admission to MS&E graduate programs is available on the Web. 

I don't want to re-invent the wheel and in our sub-group in MS&E the PhD program is very similar to HBS and MIT Sloan in terms of the types of candidates we seek, the research and the career progression. They have excellent websites about what doing a PhD in Management is like. When I was applying the Businessweek Forums website had an excellent thread on doing a PhD in business, which I would recommend finding if it is still there (strategyphd has done a great job there).

First I would recommend checking out from the library the book Getting What you Came For. This book benefited me greatly when starting to apply to doctoral programs.

Second, Abhishek Nagaraj at UC-Berkeley has a great resource for PhD applications.

Greg Mankiw has an excellent series of posts under the heading of "Advice to Students" on pursuing a PhD related to economics that transfer well to our area of MS&E although we take people with sociology, engineering, psychology and more diverse backgrounds as well. Mostly, please keep in mind that the PhD is a research degree for those who want to become researchers in academia.

You can get a sense of my research by reading some of my papers on this website.

PhD admissions in our group within the department are done by a committee, which processes all applications and decides on admissions for the entire group. Individual faculty members do not accept students directly into their research groups, so sending me an email about your application will not increase your chances of getting admitted into the program. Note that admission into the Ph.D. program is extremely competitive, since we get many more qualified applicants than we can accept.

Find out more about our PhD program here: http://stvp.stanford.edu/research

After you are accepted into the program by this committee, feel free to contact me regarding research opportunities. 

Research assistantships

Mostly I work with PhD students. I very occasionally hire an undergraduate or masters student as a research assistant. 

Teaching assistant applications are handled centrally by our group. In no case will I hire a teaching assistant for one of my classes who has not taken that class.

Visiting researchers, postdocs, and summer interns

Due to a variety of constraints I am not able to accommodate any new visiting researchers in my group at this time. I also do not take on summer interns from outside of Stanford unless they come through the Stanford-Tsinghua UGVR program.

Recommendation letters and references

I'm happy to provide recommendation letters and/or serve as a reference for students who have taken a class from me, worked with me as a research assistant and for my undergraduate advisees. In order to write a letter I need the following:

  • Your Stanford transcript (unofficial axess version is fine)
  • Copy of your "statement of purpose" for graduate school admission letters
  • A couple of paragraphs summarizing any research or projects that you have done with my group.
  • The forms I need to fill out if there are any

Please send me the materials at least two weeks before the letter of reference is needed.

Career Advice

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