Blockchain / Initial Coin Offerings

  1. Joint work with Willow (You) Wu

Flash Teams and Entrepreneurship

  1. Joint work with Khonika Gope and Melissa Valentine

Massive Open Online Course Platform

  1. Evidence from a Randomized Experiment on a MOOC Platform (with Lynn Wu) Under review.

Stanford Alumni Survey

  1. The Impact of University Entrepreneurship Initiatives on Entrepreneurship and Innovation (with Yong Suk Lee).

  2. Yang, D.; Eesley, C.; Yang, X. Work Experience Spanning Organization Types and Entrepreneurship

  3. Koo, W., Eesley, C. Born into Chaos: Founding Conditions and Divergent Performance Impacts.

Tsinghua Alumni Survey (China)

  1. Eesley, Charles E.; Wu, Willow; Yang, Delin. Changing Entrepreneurial Strategies to Developing Capitalist Institutions. Under Review.

  2. Armanios, D.; Eesley, C.; Koo, Wesley. The Winds (and Walls) of Change: A Theoretical Framework for Understanding Entrepreneurship in the Midst of Reform. (to be submitted to AMR)

MIT Alumni Survey

  1. C.E. Eesley, DH Hsu, EB Roberts. “Influences of Idea Source, Organization, and Commercialization Context on Venture Performance” R&R at SMJ